Ubud Bodyworks Centre

The Ubud Bodyworks Centre situated at 25 Hanoman Street Padang Tegal, Ubud, Bali,
was founded by Ketut Arsana in 1987.

This business established in Ubud by Ketut Arsana, was the first to use the name Bodyworks Centre and is unrelated to any other businesses of the same name throughout the world.

Prior to Ketut Arsana naming it Bodyworks Centre, many Balinese people would come to him for healing in his family compound. As his healing practise grew, he decided to open it up to the world and today his clientele is truly global.

Ketut Arsana - Mahatma Therapist

Currently, within Bodyworks Centre, Ketut Arsana has an extensive medicinal healing and therapeutic practice. His clientele seek consultation with him from all over the world. Buddha Kecapi Therapy appointments with him can be made through Bodyworks Centre reception.

Ketut Arsana’s Massage Techniques practicedby
Bodyworks Staff for your enjoyment

» Deep Tissue Therapy Massage
» Relaxation Therapy Massage
» Bodyworks Relaxation Massage
» Lymphatic Healing Massage
» Exfoliation Massage
» Herb and Flower bath treatments
» Massage and Yoga courses
» Manicure, Pedicure and more…
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Bodyworks Shop

Offered for sale are:

Natural Oil Products:

Bath oils, Massage oils, Oil essences, Perfumes, Fragrant oils Chakra and Kundalini oil

Beauty Products by Biokos and Sariayu:
Shampoos and Facial products

Other products:

» Salt baths
» Shower gels
» Body lotions
» Soaps
» Body scrubs and Foot scrubs
» Incense
» Reflexology Sandals
» Books
» Ashram products
» CDs
» Temple Tops and Scarves

As one enters Bodyworks Centre, the many levels of healing have

already begun physically, mentally and spiritually.